Spain Discovery: Royal Palace of Spain, Plaza España, and Córdoba

Written by teen participant Jarod: ¡Hola! We finally made it to Spain and HAPPY JULY FOURTH!!! After a long flight, both groups arrived safely. First we visited the Royal Palace of Spain where we had just missed First Lady Michelle Obama who was there just a few days before. The magnificent architecture and pristine colors wowed all of us as there isn’t anything like it in the US!
After that we toured Plaza España and then we tasted our first authentic Spanish meal (Personally I had empanadas! Yum!!). We then continued our day of walking an insane amount (22 thousand steps as recorded by one of my fellow travelers) to go the Buen Retiro Park where we played some “ice breaker” or “get to know the people you will be traveling with for two weeks” games.
We then began the long trek to Córdoba with a stop about half way through for a nice vegetarian and kosher dinner. After four hours of driving we made it back to the hotel where we were all out of gas and very much ready to get to sleep. With an 8:45 call for breakfast we all made our way down for the meal then right on the bus… Well most of us… We did have a couple of guys who wanted just a bit more sleep but don’t worry everyone got on the bus eventually and we were off to the old city of Córdoba!
Right by the Rio Grande the amazing 900 year old bridge and windmill was an amazing sight as were the buildings of the beautiful city. We went to the Casa de Sefarad in the Jewish quarter where we learned a lot about Jewish history in Spain and the inquisition that ended the rich community in this country.
We also visited the second oldest known synagogue in Europe as well as an former mosque turned into a cathedral (called Mezquita) filled with amazing art. This is now becoming a theme in Spain, awesome architecture. Now we are on the bus on the way to Seville. We are all beginning to adjust to the time and are more ready for what this trip has to come including a cruise tonight down the Guadalquivir River! Well that’s all from me and I’ll catch you next time!
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