Pacific Connect: Oregon Redwoods and Crater Lake

The last few days have been so beautiful and busy it’s hard to remember where to start first! We spent this weekend in Ashland for Shabbat at a synagogue. We sang songs with their congregation and made kiddush with them. It was interesting to see how a Jewish population creates community in the “Wild West” in an area that does not have many Jews.


During Shabbat, we held our own conversation about our feelings about creating community and the ideas of family and where we feel at home. We discussed empathy and trying to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and imagining creating Jewish identity for yourself in a place where it does not already exist.


We also got the amazing opportunity to take two acting workshops at Southern Oregon University, and see the production of Hamlet at the famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We had a great time. We also made the trip to see Crater Lake on Sunday. It was a special day and definitely one we won’t forget! Mother Nature does her own thing and we learned that sometimes the unpredictable happens – there was a snow storm at crater lake and it was totally white – no blue! We couldn’t see it with our eyes but we loved exploring the area and learning about where this lake comes from.


Yesterday was a day of driving and being awe-struck by redwoods! We stopped at three separate redwood forest locations to do trails, take photos, and simply marvel at these gigantic masterpieces. Today is on to more driving, exploring the Mendocino Coast, walking through MacKerricher State Park, canoeing on the Big River Estuary and then off to San Francisco!
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