Pacific Connect: Mount St. Helens and Portland

The last few days have been very full and invigorating. We are really enjoying our adventures in the Pacific Northwest. On Wednesday we went all the way up to the Mount St. Helens Observatory and were surrounded with breathtaking views. We learned all about this magnificent mountain and how it’s formed and what it’s activity means for the life around it. We went into a lava tube that was formed 2000 years ago and felt like real spelunkers! We traveled to Portland for the night and enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner together to celebrate Sophie K’s birthday.

Yesterday we experienced the magnificence of Mt. Hood. The views were all amazing and it was one of our favorite drives. We noticed that the mountains that surround Mt. Hood looked a lot like the Golan Heights in Israel. We went rafting on the Deschutes River and were able to see some incredible views, birds, and also get splashed around a bit. After that we went for a hike on the Mirror Lake Trail. It was peaceful, green, and beautiful.

We just left the Portland Rose Garden and are on our way to ride the cable car in Portland to get a birds eye view of the city. Then off to Ashland for Shabbat!

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