Italy Discovery #3: The Trevi Fountain and Shabbat in Rome

Friday morning we headed to the coliseum. It was awesome! Since becoming certified gladiators yesterday, we channeled that inner spirit and walked around in awe taking lots of pictures. We learned about its history and its purpose from outside the walls and then made our way in to walk around and get up close and personal. Then we met up at the end at the Constantine Arc, took some photos, then walked to the forum. Afterwards we headed to the Jewish quarter where there were a handful of restaurants to choose from for pizur lunch. In the afternoon we made a quick change for respectful clothing and headed to the Vatican.

Once we arrived it was packed with people from all over the world. We took in all the architecture and sculptures that lined the museum. We finally made our way to the sistene Chapel to see the famous artwork of michelangelo. We looked up to see the notable Creation of Adam and it was breathtaking. Eventually the whole ceiling even looked 3-D because there was so much to look at! Upon exiting we saw the square where people gather to hear the pope speak when he addresses the people.

Then we made our way back to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat. Again we had the choice to go to the orthodox service or to do an alternative service on the roof of the hotel. After services the group reconvened for dinner together in the Jewish quarter, then headed back to the hotel for some free time before heading to our rooms for the night.

Saturday was a much needed casual morning. We did our Shabbat program in the hotel’s lobby, where we listened to a counselor’s life story, a Hasidic fable, and tied it all into the parsha of the week. Then we headed back to the Jewish quarter for a nice sit down lunch. Afterward we had some free time around the hotel to beat the heat and then headed out again to explore the city. We visited the Trevi fountain which we were pleasantly surprised was opened and not under construction! So we had some time to take some fun photos and videos, and made our wishes in the fountain with coins.

Then we headed to the Spanish steps, however those were fenced off because of construction! So we got some quick pictures and had free time for shopping and dinner. Then we walked back to the hotel as a group to do havdala on the roof. We also celebrated a campers birthday with cake and singing! Afterwards we did a program down in the lobby to wrap up Shabbat which was very meaningful and fun.

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