Italy Discovery #3: The Luxurious City of , Romantic Verona, and Water-filled Venice

We had a great start to the morning with a late wake-up for teens from Western Europe Discovery before traveling to the airport to pick up a new counselor and teens arriving from New York. We were able to walk around the beautiful and luxurious city of Milan, seeing the famous Duomo, castle, as well as pretend that we could shop at Prada (crying as we regretfully walked out empty-handed).


The group got to know each other better in the park with ice breakers: Two Truths and a Lie and showing each other our hidden talents. We returned to the hotel for a pesto pasta dinner and after a late curfew, dozed off after the hot and fun-filled, eventful day.

We began ¬†Thursday by departing from the Ibis hotel in Milan and making our way toward Verona. In Verona, we toured around and were able to see the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony and a colosseum — now used for entertainment purposes. After Verona, we took a train to Venice and walked about a mile to our hotel which is located in central Venice.


We settled in a bit then began our walk to the Jewish Quarter and were given a private tour of a Jewish Museum. Free time was given to explore the area and shop a bit and then made our way to a pizzeria (with Sylvester Stallone movie posters on the walls) for dinner. Post-dinner, we walked 15 minutes to St. Marc’s Square where we departed on a short sunset gondola trip in the canals of Venice. A quick gelato stop was made on our way back to the hotel.
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