Italy Discovery #3: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Thursday morning we left Florence and headed to the leaning tower of Pisa! Despite the sun and the heat, everyone enjoyed themselves and took in the sites. The group climbed to the top of the tower to get some photos and then had some free time around the area to get more pictures of themselves with the tower. We all helped each other get the obligatory “pushing the tower” picture as well as some other fun and artsy ones.


We made our way through the other tour groups and tourists back to our air conditioned bus to continue our drive down to Rome. The drive is a few hours so we stopped at a rest stop along the high way for lunch before reaching gladiator school. Once we got to the gladiator program right outside of Rome, the teens were eager to get off the bus and be active.


The instructor had them put on gladiator gear and had an obstacle course for them, some exercising and some fighting lessons. They even also got wooden swords during the training! It was a great activity. We finally arrived at our hotel to put our bags down and then headed out to dinner at a great Italian restaurant. The walk home of course included a pit stop at a gelato shop. Once we were back there was some free time around the hotel before everyone passed out from the long day!
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