Italy Discovery #3: Pasta Making and the Duomo of Florence

Wednesday morning we woke up in our hotel just outside of Florence and headed into the city to a pasta making factory. We learned about a family’s pasta making business, and what American pasta vs Italian pasta looks like. It was very interesting. They even gave us each a bag of their pasta to take home to try! After the factory we headed into the city of Florence and saw the Duomo and statues before we broke off for lunch.


While in city center, we enjoyed a guided tour of the Florence orthodox synagogue. The women had to cover their shoulders and legs and the men had to wear kippas. We were told the history of the Italian Jews and of how the synagogue came to be. It was very interesting and cool to learn of its construction and renovations due to war and floods. It’s part of our story as a whole Jewish people and that our presence is triumphant and everywhere!


We had more free time to wander around the shops of the bridge and gawk at all the gorgeous jewelry or buy souvenirs and snacks. After the long hot day we came back to the hotel, where some of us gathered at the pool while others showered for dinner. After dinner we had time to hang out in the hotel before going off to bed, before another early morning and fun filled day!
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