Italy Discovery #2: Onward to Slovenia!

Please enjoy this update written by teen participant Alexandra Grant:
Sunday morning, we had an early wake up call in Venice. We packed our luggage and headed out the door. By 9 AM, we were on the streets in Venice heading to the train station. Although we had to climb up and down multiple flights of stairs, we finally made it to the train. Soon enough, we were on the bus en route to Slovenia.


Two and a half hours later, we arrived in Slovenia to white water raft. The rapids started off calm, but soon became fast. Even though the water was cold, my boat all jumped off anyway in the middle of the lake. The water that we were in was also freshwater which was very cool. It was much cheaper than the bottled water :).


After a few more hours in the bus, we arrived at our hotel. The hotel in Slovenia is by far the nicest we have stayed at yet. We had from 7 until 10:30 to hang out at the hotel before going to sleep. For dinner, we ate the the hotel buffet and it was amazing. I worked out and had a nice night in bed. The next day, I woke up and had an amazing breakfast. We went down to Lake Bled and took small rowboats to an island in the middle of the lake.


On the way there, my friend Daniella accidentally dropped her phone in the water and it fell down the the bottom of the lake. Needless to say, it was very sad but it will be a good memory to have in the future. Upon our arrival to the island, we climbed 99 steps to reach the wishing bell of Lake Bled. The water surrounding us was very clean and clear unlike some of the lakes in America :).


We spent the day in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana. It had amazing food, was really clean, and had plenty of people speaking English (which really comes in handy in foreign countries). After lunch, we split up into groups and we went into “The Escape Room”. We had one hour to figure out a puzzle in a locked room. Fortunately, my group and I finished with 3 minutes left! It was extremely difficult but rewarding in the end. When we finished, we started touring the city of Ljubljana.


We took a cable car up to a castle in Slovenia. It had an amazing view of the country and we took many photos. We returned with the rest of the group and spent some time shopping in Slovenia. When we were finished, we got back on the bus and returned to our hotel for the night. I had a great two days in Slovenia!
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