Italy Discovery #2: From Verona to Venice

After waking up for our first real day in Italy we headed down stairs to our hotel breakfast and enjoyed some delicious Italian pastries. The group then headed to our bus for a song filled bus ride to the alleged home of Romeo and Juliet which was also where the movie version was filmed.

After exploring the gorgeous city of Verona we hopped back on the bus towards Venice. Before getting on the train to Venice (since cars cannot enter the city) we stopped at a fantastic Italian food court for some food. Finally, we arrived in Venice and were all astounded by the beautiful water filled Venetian streets.

We then took off for the Jewish quarter of Venice. It was fantastic to see how tight knit the community was and to get to appreciate the rich history of Judaism in Venice. Next, we got to enjoy traditional Italian pizzas at a local Italian pizzeria. Our day came to a close with a major highlight of the trip, gondola rides through Venice! Watching the sunset from traditional Venetian boats with our new friends was truly an incredible experience for us all.

Eventually, we got back to our hotel and enjoyed time with our new and old friends before heading off to bed in preparation for a much needed Shabbat.

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