Italy Discovery #1: Verona and Venice

Hey families of Italy 1! It’s Rebecca and Callie from California giving you the inside scoop on the latest happenings on our trip! We are currently in Venice, but let’s rewind to when our journey began.
We flew in on two different flights and faced a few bumps along the way. We landed tired, but excited in Milan at 11:30am ready to explore. We did our first shopping of the trip for food and played team building games and ice breakers in a park in Milan. We were so excited to get to know each other and begin the process of becoming a family of 37 teens and 5 awesome staff!
The next morning we woke up bright and early to head off for Venice, stopping in Verona to visit Juliet’s historical balcony and enjoyed some free time in the city square. As we were walking through the beautiful streets of Verona we took the time to speak to our new friends on the trip. We then continued on our way to Venice, taking a train to complete our journey.
We trekked through the narrow streets before arriving at our hotel. Our jaws dropped when we got off the train in Venice! It was so amazing to see a city completely surrounded by water. Did you know that even bicycling is against the law here!? After we dropped our bags we went for a very interesting tour at the Jewish Museum in Venice. Even though it was really hot, we learned a lot of cool new things, like how much of Judaism is rooted in the city of Venice!
We then enjoyed a yummy pizza dinner and then got to ride the infamous gondolas of Venice. Now back to today! What an insanely incredible day! We took off by boat in the morning to the very cute city of Burano. We saw all the houses with different colors and took lots of pics! We were in awe at the lace store, where we saw a lady making lace and learned how long and how many people it takes to make just a small piece of a lace design!
After Burano we went to the famous city of Murano, where we visited a Murano glass making factory! It was really cool to see the man at the factory make all different glass items from scratch! One of our friends, Jordan Feldman even got to go down and help the man demonstrating the process of making glass! After some shopping time, we took the boat to Lido, where we had some free time for lunch and some time to sit and swim at the beach!!! At the beach we got to talk to and bond with each other. We then took our final boat ride back to the main island of Venice where we got ready for Shabbat!
Stay tuned for our next post on Sunday where you will get to hear all about our incredible Shabbat in Venice!!
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