Italy Discovery #1: Gelato, The Duomo, and Florence

It’s Griffin and Molly R! Yesterday we left our picturesque hotel in Bled, Slovenia. We drove through the Slovenian countryside for a while before arriving at the caves. We explored the various passageways of the caves via train a foot. The caves were breathtakingly beautiful!

We then embarked the bus to get to Gelato University. Unfortunately, we got stuck in quite a bit of traffic and more time on the bus than we anticipated. However, it was a fun bonding experience and we were able to talk to people and connect as a group.

After a long journey, we arrived (finally!) at the Gelato University and museum. We learned the history of gelato in Europe, including the various tools and machines used to produce Italy’s famous dessert. It was super cool to see the evolution of gelato-making machines. Finally, we got produce and eat out own gelato.

On Wednesday, we left the hotel early and went to Florence. We visited a majestic old synagogue and learned the history of Jews in Florence. Learning about the ghetto in Florence and Jewish quarter was interesting.

We then visited the massive Duoma and got some traditional Italian lunch. We then climbed up and down 414 stairs to the top of the tower to see an incredible birds eye view of Florence. Finally, we had some free time to shop the leather markets in Florence, where many of us bought high quality, hand made leather goods.

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