Israel Journey Kingswood/JORI: Tzfat and a Service Project

Hope all is well, what a busy week we have had!

On Wednesday, July 6th we woke up early for a ride to Tzfat. When we got there, we began by seeing an amazing view of the holy city, and learning about the city’s history. We then had some time to go shopping through the amazing shopping streets of Tzfat. We met with a religious artist who was very interested in Kabbalah, and bought some of his paintings.

After exploring all of what one of the four holiest cities in Israel has to offer, we went white water rafting on the Jordan River. Emma Askew’s boat got off to a rough start, but had fun nonetheless. We then had a pizza dinner along the river, and reflected on the cool experience. We then returned to Kibbutz Afik, saw the sunset while ascending the mountain up to the kibbutz, and had a good night’s rest.
Ben Reingold’s favorite part of the day was white water rafting along the Jordan River. He most enjoyed getting out of the raft to push his boat along the river, and swim in the refreshing river. Gabi Falvey’s favorite part of the day was shopping along the streets of Tsfat. Gabi bought a Hamsah necklace, as did many others. Overall, it was a fun day, and we look forward to many more to come.

Thursday July 7th we started our morning with breakfast at 7:45am and were on the bus by 8:30. We took an hour drive to Leket which is where we did a service project that required us to pick many baskets of squash for the hungry in Israel. We succeeded in filling over ten large crates with squash which will help to feed over 1,000 families! We then ate a delicious lunch at a Kibbutz.

We were then surprised with a trip to a Kangaroo Park which filled us all with pure joy. At the park, we were allowed to feed the birds and kangaroos and also pet the kangaroos! We were also able to look at koalas, one of which is the 2nd oldest in the whole world! Then we took a two hour trek to the beautiful hotel which we will be staying at for 3 nights. This is Dana and Brittany signing off for the weekend sitting outside the hotel on a beautiful hammock. We hope everyone has a good weekend.
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