Israel Journey Kingswood/JORI: Snorkeling in the Red Sea and Kassui Sand Dunes

Hope you are having a great week! We have been having the craziest week here in Israel! On Monday, we woke up early to travel to and hike up the Kassui sand dunes. Once we got to the top, we were able to roll down them. After, we cooled off by snorkeling in the Red Sea. Then, we went banana boating, paddle boating, and kayaking in the city of Eilat. We were then given free time to shop, have lunch, and swim at the beach. Some kids spent their time enjoying fish pedicures. After having a fun day in Eilat, we went back to the Kibbutz to have dinner and to do some evening activities.

On Tuesday, July 12th, we woke up for breakfast, and then a tour of Kibbutz Ketura, our hospitality for the past 2 days. They told us about how they make money and live as a community. Their three main income sources include growing dates, producing algae, and helping to build the first solar field, followed by many more, throughout the state of Israel. We then learned about the democracy of their kibbutz, and practiced running our own kibbutz in a simulation using actual issues that Kibbutz Ketura dealt with. After leaving our Kibbutz accommodation, we went on a ride back up north to beduin tents in which we would sleep for the night. We went on a fun camel ride, learned about the Beduin life, and had some free time in our tent.

Following a delicious Bedouin style meal, we went star gazing outside of our desert tent. After our bonfire, we went to sleep early in preparation for the climb up to Masada the next morning at 4:15. Andrew Oppenheim’s favorite part of the day was camel riding in the desert. He enjoyed the experience that was both cultural and fun at same time. The group as a whole enjoyed a unique day in the desert, and looks forward to more Israeli days to come.

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