Israel Journey Kingswood/JORI: Rabin Square and the beaches of Tel Aviv!

Friday and Saturday July 8th-9th
On Friday we went to Tel Aviv for the day. We started with a quick lesson about the murder of Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Following this, we split up into groups to interview the people of Israel that we could find in the Rabin square. We asked them about how they felt about Israel, and what they thought Israel learned from the assassination of Rabin.
This was Emma Askew’ss favorite part of the Shabbat weekend; she enjoyed meeting with locals and learning about Israel’s history through the locals. We then made our way to the Carmel Market, where we each got a gift for someone else on the trip in “Secret Moses.” We Practiced our bargaining skills, and we bought some gifts for family and friends back home at the Shulk.
After a fun time at the Carmel Market, we went to one of Tel Aviv’s beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. After a great day, we went back to the Neve Ilan Hotel for Shabbat. After giving each other our gifts from the Carmel Market, we went back to our rooms.

On Saturday, we had a fun sick wrestling activity, followed by a lot of free time and swim time at the hotel for the day of rest. After Havdalah and dinner, we finished off the day at the High Tech Azrieli Shopping Mall that reminded many of us of the malls we have in the U.S. Alanna Sawyer’s favorite part of the weekend was hanging out at the hotel on Saturday afternoon. She feels that the downtime with her friends brought everyone closer together on the day of rest. After a fun end to a fun Israeli week, we all look forward to the upcoming week in the hot south!

Sunday July 10th
This morning we woke up to an 8am breakfast after packing our bags last night to prepare for our stay at the Kibbutz Ketura Guest Host. We started our day digging in Maresha. We all found pieces of pottery from 2,200 years ago during the time of the Maccabees. Aurora even found an oil lamp that was used by the people living there during that time.

After, we went to a mall for lunch and then to Sde Boker where we learned about leadership and did a small activity. As we continued traveling south towards the Kibbutz we stopped to view the Ramon Crater. After that, we arrived to the hotel in 103 degree weather and enjoyed a pool party and barbecue to end the day. We hope everyone has a good week!
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