Israel Journey #6: The Western Wall and Kotel Tunnel Tour

Please enjoy these updates written by teen participants:
Tuesday July 19
On day zero of our trip in Israel, the Western Europe group arrived around 2:30 am at Ben Gurion Airport. We then went straight to the hotel to get a good nights sleep. In the late morning we headed to Machane Yehuda for an open lunch and we got different types of Israeli cuisines.


After that we went to the hotel for some free time and then went on a fun bowling adventure. After that we went to the first train station in Jerusalem for a dinner of our choice. Lastly we went back to the hotel to get rest for the next busy day ahead of us.


On the morning of day one before the other teens arrived from New York, we went on a leisurely hike to get a beautiful view of Jerusalem’s mountains and historical sights such as a man made cave used for water storage. Next we went to a tank museum which held the most tanks in one location in the world.


Lastly we went to the airport to pick up the new teens that arrived from JFK!
-Sammi Cohen and Noa Golden
Wednesday July 20
Hi parents!!!! We arrived to Israel in the afternoon on Wednesday and were greeted by the lovely teens from the Europe trip!! They were all so welcoming and helped us get accustomed to this foreign country. Before arriving to the hotel, we were driven to a beautiful spot and the counselors blindfolded us so we would all take them off at the same time and see the spectacle. The view of the old city of Jerusalem was incredible and being able to experience it at the same time was breathtaking.
Next, we went to the hotel, did icebreakers, ate dinner, and passed out. Our first full day in Israel on Thursday was full of fun and sweat!! We spent the whole day in the old city of Jerusalem and hiked to the Western Wall. Seeing the kotel and putting a note to G-d in the Western Wall was very special and touched all of our hearts. Then we were given money to eat lunch and got some delicious Israeli food!! After lunch, we trekked through a tunnel filled with water up to our waists for 35 minutes. It was pitch black and a few people had flashlights to make it better.
After the tunnel tour, we went to a gorgeous Jewish shop and watched a man who writes Torah show us what his job consists of. If he makes one mistake, he has to start all over. His Hebrew handwriting was amazing and he wrote some peoples Hebrew names for them to keep as a souvenir. Later that day, we went back to the hotel to shower, eat, and then went on a cool graffiti tour!
The trip is amazing so far and we can’t wait to see what amazing adventures are to come!
-Halle Jaffe and Vanessa Sametz
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