Israel Journey #6: The Kinneret and Tzfat

We began our Monday doing community service at a local farm which gives food for those who can’t provide for themselves. It was a long morning in the sun, but in the end, worth it, knowing it was a mitzvah. Following the eggplant picking was a long bus ride to a shopping center where I was reunited with my true love, sushi, it was a true blessing.


Topping the sushi for the day was going to a natural spring where we were able to swim in these insanely hot temperatures, the scenery was breathtaking and the water was almost crystal clear. You were able to receive a free spa treatment in the water as well having fish eat the dead skin off your feet. We wrapped up our day at the Kinneret cemetery and learned about the story behind kibbutzim which I found fairly interesting given the fact that they are the majority of the places we have been staying at.

– Sami Cytron

Today we went to the city where the Kabbalah movement was started, Tzfat. Kabbalah is the word for Jewish mysticism and we met an artist that used Kabbalah a lot in his paintings. He explained the meanings behind different aspects of his art including colors, shapes, and Hebrew letters. After that, we had time to go shopping and a lot of us bought shawarma for lunch. In the afternoon we went to the Jordan River and went rafting down it. We stayed at the park for an all you can eat pizza dinner before we travelled back to our Kibbutz.

– Gaby Ferenchik
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