Israel Journey #6: The Golan Heights and Druze Village

Please enjoy these updates written by our teen participants:
Wednesday we went on a rad water hike in the morning. The water felt so nice in the heat. Oh man. Some Birthright people splashed us when we walked by and I lol’d. It was one of our favorite hikes so far. Then we went to the Olea Essence olive oil factory where we rubbed stuff on ourselves. We felt so exfoliated and smooth like a baby’s bottom. We tasted some potent oils next. The garlic one was awesome.


After buying lotions and creams, we went on a jeep tour through the Golan Heights. We blasted music and the driver did some totally gnarly off roading. We stood at the Syrian border and enjoyed the view. None of us were scared because our mighty security guard Na’or was there to protect us. We jeeped back and then went to the beach at the Sea of Galilee. There were rocks instead of sand but it was ok because our feet still needed exfoliating. The teens sunbathed on the rocks and took underwater pictures. We were all very happy to have a day of water activities.


After a scrumptious BBQ on the beach, we finished the day on a disco boat. A couple people danced. There were bountiful whips, nay nays, dabs, and even some horas. It was a moist mishpacha bonding experience.
– Ben Buckman


Today was an educational day where we were presented cultures and lifestyles different to our own. We first left the kibbutz where we had been staying the past few nights and headed over to Shorashim village to attend a coexistence program. A lady spoke to us about the history of Israel including the relationship between the Jews, Arabs, and Palestinians.


We then split up into groups of four where an Arab teen joined us. We asked questions and they asked us questions overall comparing our different cultures, learning about misconceptions of the others, finding many similarities, and more. After, we drove to a Druze village in the hills to learn about their religion and try their food which consisted of a rice dish, eggplant, salads, date juice, and more. We then went to a displaced persons camp to learn about the struggles Jews faced post World War 2 trying to get to Israel. Lastly, we made our way to our new kibbutz, ate dinner, and listened to a speaker talk about the events that led up to the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the conflict itself.
– Sam Blieden
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