Israel Journey #6: Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheva

Please enjoy these updates written by our teen participants:
Friday was a lovely day. We began said lovely say at the Rabin museum where we listened to a guy give a tour while also watching movies while also attempting to listen to everything. It was very insightful and significant place. We learned about a very important man in Jewish history and the formation of Israel. Many of us were moved by his granddaughter’s speech at his funeral.


We moved to a more relaxing time when we went to the Carmel market and Nachalat Binyamin. There we found the best food of the trip, amazing shopping spots, and a real taste of Tel Aviv and Israel. Then we hodged for 10 minutes to Jerusalem beach in Tel Aviv. There we saw beatiful boys, beautiful views, and tanned beneath the sweltering sun. It was a lovely time. We drove back to our Kibbutz and welcomed Shabbat with our guest leader, Mark Lazar. We played games and listened to stories before eating dinner as a mishpacha.
– Lexie Gutierrez

Saturday started off with a late wake up of 11 o’clock. At 11 we did some Shabbat programming with Mark Lazar. He had us do a bunch of mini games that had to do with Israel and Shabbat themes. After he told us some stories and we did the rest of his program, we went to lunch. After lunch we had a free afternoon. During this time some people went to the pool, slept or just hung out around the kibbutz.


In the evening we did some more programming and activities with Mark and then off to dinner we went. After dinner we did Havdallah to end Shabbat and then went to a huge mall in Tel Aviv and shopped for around an hour. By the time we got back to the kibbutz it was time to go to bed thus ending our Saturday.
– Sam Erlich

After two nights at kibbutz Tzuba we eventually had to leave. We started our lovely morning eating breakfast at the kibbutz dining hall. We drove for an hour to the archeological digging site where we dug up some pots, bones, and other artifacts. Afterwards, we went spelunking in a cave that hadn’t be excavated yet. Then we ate lunch in Be’er Sheva. After lunch we drove another hour to Mitzpe Ramon to see one of the worlds largest craters. Then we drove another hour to our new kibbutz, Ketura. We were welcomed with an intellectual tour. We finished our night with swimming and a barbecue dinner.
– Jonah Pike

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