Israel Journey #6: Baha’í Gardens and Akko

Hi everyone!! Friday was a great day jam-packed with a walking tour, beautiful views, and Shabbat meal. First we traveled along the Israeli coast to Quesaria. There we explored the ancient ruins left behind by an old port city, including a huge theater that still functions to this day. Then we relaxed on the grass for a delicious boxed lunch of sandwiches, salads, fruits and quiches.

Next we made an unplanned stop at the Baha’i Gardens. The breath-taking view from the top overlooked the luscious gardens and city of Haifa. Then we made our way to a kibbutz just north of Haifa for Shabbat. Everyone gathered on the grass for an evening Shabbat service before heading to dinner at the Kibbutz. It was a fantastic first Shabbat in Israel and we all looked forward to the day of rest that was to come.
– Shayna Schulman

This past Saturday started off with us sleeping in, which was really nice. After we woke up, we had a discussion about that week’s parsha Pinchas. We focused on peer pressure, the good and bad kinds, and how they affect our lives. Afterwards we hung around until lunch. Following our delicious meal, we went to the kibbutz pool where we swam and sat in the sun. After dinner, we enjoyed a lovely Havdalah service and shared our favorites experiences from the trip so far. We then loaded the bus and drove to the Akko Adventure Park filled with a ropes course, rock climbing, and a bungee drop. There we joined up with several other BBYO groups and had fun being together. It was a great day filled with both relaxation and exhilaration.
– Michael Friedman

In the morning, journey 6 left the kibbutz and headed towards Akko, a city by the water that the crusaders came to settle about 1000 years ago. The group was able to see their castle, pictures, and sculptures, as well as some games that they played which were fun and cool. Then, the group went to the market with cool antique shops as well as the tunnel that the crusaders used for sewage. After, the crew traveled to a mall to have lunch.


Our next stop was Rosh Hanikra which is where the grottoes which are big rocks, colliding with the Mediterranean Sea water traveling about 250 miles per hour. Bats, seals, and other creatures live around the area. We went into the caves and saw the water hitting the rocks. It was fascinating. We also heard bats. Then we are heading to a chocolate factory with delicious ice cream and chocolate. Then at last, we arrived at our kibbutz for the end of the day. Overall, today was a great day, visiting nice views.
– Ethan Frey
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