Israel Journey #5 (Bus B): Jerusalem and the Crusader Castles of Akko

Greetings from Israel! We are finishing up our first week in Israel and are so excited for our next two. After arriving to Tel Aviv, we were greeted with smiles and joy by Co-Staff Mike and 4 teens that were already in the Holy Land, thus completing our group.

We went directly to the Mt Scopus look out to take in the beautiful view of Jerusalem’s Old City where we said the Shechyanu prayer to mark the occasion. We then went back to Caesar Hotel for a delicious dinner followed by an intense round of name games and ice breakers. The following day, we stayed in Jerusalem and had a tour of the Old City and a powerful and reflective visit to the Western Wall.

We then headed to the North of Israel, where we have been exploring all week. From ancient temples built by the 10 “lost tribes” to Crusader Castles in Akko, we have seen many perspectives of and time periods within Israel. Our first Shabbat left us craving another one. We sang songs, played SO MANY GAMES (ask the kids how many games can be played with a good selection of bandanas) and even fit in pool time!

We are looking forward to Jeep Rides, hikes and swimming (oh my!) tomorrow. Please check out our Album on BBYO’s Facebook page (linked below). We update every other day with pictures of our adventures.

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