Israel Journey #5 (Bus B): Community Service and Jewish Mysticism

Hope all is well at home, it surely is here! We have done so many more things this week. From community service at Pichon Lev (an organization for the needy) to relaxing in natural hot springs (complete with waterfall and caves), we really bonded with one another. The highlight of the week for many kids was an activity where we each told a small story about our names. The story could be about the origin of their names, a story about pronunciation or spelling or anything else that comes to mind.


Imagine our surprise when, the next day, an artist in Tzfat told us about the power of names in Judaism and Jewish Mysticism. In Tzfat, we also experienced a live concert by two talented musicians. The next day was powerful- we went to a co-existence workshop with Israeli-Arab teens and talked about things from iPhones to school to our relationship with the military. We also learned about the history of Jewish Settlers at Tel-Hai, one of the first Jewish settlements in what is now Israel.


Friday, we left the North and headed down to Tel Aviv. We learned about the complexity of Israeli society on a guided tour at the Rabin Center and then explored it a little for ourselves at Carmel Market (where many worlds meet). After a little bit of shopping time, we had some beach time (may I add, right outside of our Hotel in Netanya). Heather, Sarah and Pavi helped us lead a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat which was followed by a 5 course meal (no joke) at our hotel.
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