Israel Journey #5 (Bus A): The Kibbutz and Coexistance

Shalom from our beautiful Kibbutz Neve Ilan. What an exciting past couple of days we have had! We already can’t believe we only have a little over a week left of our trip! Our group has truly beautifully transformed into one close knit family! Yesterday the teens had the opportunity to truly open the eyes and minds to the minority groups that exist here in Israel. Our day began by going to a co existence workshop with Israeli Arabs who are the same age as your teens. They learnt a little about the history of Israeli Arabs and then in small groups discussed various topics allowing the teens to gain a better understanding of the lives of Israeli Arabs.

The group was extremely welcoming to all information that was shared and we as staff were so proud of all the knowledge they had shared with the Israeli Arabs! Following this, we experience a Druze hospitality lunch. The Druze are another minority in Israel, the teens yet again exceeded our expectations and were extremely open minded and curious to learn more about the religion. Furthermore, all the teens thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food!!!

Today we got to spend the day in Tel Aviv!! Our tour guide Elinoy took us on an awesome graffiti tour in the neighborhood of Florentine in Tel Aviv. Our group is loving the fact that our tour guide takes us to places that most tour groups wouldn’t go to. She is truly showing us Israel from an Israelis point of view! We then went to the market and spent some time at the beach! All the teens had an amazing afternoon and are very much looking forward to our return back to tel aviv towards the end of the trip!

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