Israel Journey #5 (Bus A): Cultural Tel Aviv

Please enjoy this update written by teen participant Tamar Levy:

This weekend has been one of the most memorable of the trip. On Friday we kicked off our day with a Graffiti tour of Tel Aviv. Although some of my friends were staying with family it was an amazing tour that taught me the true meaning behind what appeared to be simple street art. We then made a pit stop at an amazing gelato shop in the middle of the city for a refreshing morning snack.


Following this, we continued the tour where we got the chance to create our own graffiti (on a wall we had permission to use) thanks to our tour guide Elinoy. Aside from creating our own street art, we were fortunate enough to watch a professional street artist do some freestyle art for us. After this we headed to the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv where we were able to walk around and enjoy the liveliness and culture the city had to offer. The markets and locals contributed to the busy and exciting atmosphere of the city.


After a delicious lunch we headed over to the beach. Although most of my friends were not looking forward to the idea of sand and salt water, I loved jumping over the waves and sitting in the sand and watching people throw frisbees back and forth. Once we dried off and shook our sand out, we headed back to the hotel to celebrate the beginning of Shabbat. We were lucky enough to have Mark lead our Kabbalah Shabbat and provide insight and a new perspective about Shabbat for us.


I felt peaceful and lucky to be surrounded by so many new friends. The next day after a refreshing late wake up, we met for activities and games lead by Mark. Although I was skeptical about a few of the activities, I found myself really enjoying the skits and discussions we had. After another delicious lunch we were given free time to hang out with friends until our evening activity. That night we had Havdallah and went to the mall to stock up on snacks and buy clothing.


After a peaceful weekend I was happy to get back into our busy weekday schedule. On Sunday we started out our day with an archaeological dig. It was amazing to know that I was helping to bring history alive by finding everyday objects in the ground such as pottery shards and bone. We were given the chance to walk (and crawl) through caves and we even got the chance to bring a piece of pottery that were found in the caves back home with us.


We then headed to the Tomb of David Ben Gurion and got to ask a female I.D.F commander some questions about her service in the army. We then travelled south to the Negev desert after taking some photos of the natural beauty of the desert and ate dinner at the kibbutz we were staying at. Finally, we ended the night with a pool party.
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