Israel Journey #4 (Bus B): Tzfat, Golan Heights, and the Sea of Galilee

Hi family and friends! Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were the days that brought us closest together on the trip. We started Tuesday in the beautiful city of Tzfat famous for its ideas of mysticism and closeness with God. We spent the morning talking about meditation and inner peace as we looked over the beautiful valley and wrote letters that will be sent to ourselves in October of this fall that will remind us of the Jewish identity we have gained over this trip.

After descending into the city we spent our free time roaming the jewelry shops and art galleries that Tzfat is renowned for. We also met Avraham Lowenthal, an artist who studied the Kabbala and has educated meditation and inner peace in Judaism for years. We then changed gears and headed towards the Jordan River for a 2 hour rafting trip and an outdoor brick oven pizza party. We then returned to the kibbutz and got a well deserved sleep.

We woke up this morning to, in my opinion, the best day in Israel so far. We left the kibbutz for the Golan Heights to hike up Mount Mahal Jilaboun. The hike was extremely fun and showed us the beauty of dry landscape in Israel. After returning from the hike we headed towards Katrzin, a small town for lunch where me and my friends got shawarma like we have everyday in Israel. Lunch was followed by an intense and awesome jeep tour of the Golan Heights where, not only did we see the beauty of the disputed territory, but also the seriousness of the conflict.


We passed barbed wire warning bomb fields on our sides and took a tour of an ex- Syrian hospital and torture center that has now been abandoned. We ended the tour at a bunker that overlooks the Valley of Tears, a valley where 8 Israeli tanks fought and won against 101 Arab tanks during the Yom Kippur War. This area of land represented the strength and willpower of the Israeli army throughout its history.

Next, we headed towards the Sea of Galilee and spent time in the water, and enjoyed a beachside barbecue with our friends on Bus A. We finished out a jam packed day with a cruise of the sea as we blasted music and danced our butts off. For me, not only did this day bring me closer to my Central Europe friends who I have come to love, I also came to love my new friends who I have so much fun with everyday in Israel.

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