Israel Journey #4 (Bus B): The Judean Desert and te Dead Sea

We started out our week learning about how the desert thrives and traveled up the Arava valley to the Judean Desert. During the evening we had fun camel riding through the desert. Also, we enjoyed a late night bonfire and ate s’mores! The next morning, we woke up at 3:45 to go and climb Masada and watch the sunrise.


Following the beautiful hike, we cooled off in the Dead Sea. After that, We traveled back to Jerusalem. On Thursday we went to Yad Vashem to learn more about the holocaust. After the emotional morning we had an interesting discussion on Jewish Pluralism in Israel today. Then we went to Ben Yehuda street for an amazing night out. We started out our Friday morning by heading to the Mt. Herzl cemetery we also talked about the gravesite of former Prime Ministers and Fallen Soldiers. After that we went to the Market for a Pizzur Lunch and also bought little tchotchkes.

Although we only have 3 more days left, we are all looking forward to making more memories and leaving with smiles!

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