Israel Journey #4 (Bus B): Shehecheyanu and the historical Montefiore Windmill

After a long flight, Central Europe #1 and Israel Journey #4 became a strong cohesive unit. In order to bring all 45 teens together, we enjoyed an evening full of fun team building activities! We ended the night off both exhausted and eager to embark on our Israel Journey.

Earlier the next morning, we left for the old city of Jerusalem, and had shehecheyanu at the beautiful and historical Montefiore Windmill. We then explored the Old City and had some free time to enjoy delicious local falafel and schwarma. We embarked on an adventure to see the Western Wall, and each teen had created their own spiritual connection with this meaningful site. Next, we walked to the City of David and hiked through Hezekiah’s underground tunnel. After a fun filled day, we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed a wonderful tasty dinner and topped the night off with a graffiti tour of Jerusalem.

Looking forward to more amazing memories together in this beautiful country.

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