Israel Journey #4 (Bus B): Shabbat in Tel Aviv and Jaffa Sea Port

We started our Shabbat by going to Tel Aviv Friday and touring Jaffa and the old Tel Aviv Train Station that went to Jerusalem that transports goods because that was the only port. After we toured Jaffa we went to the Market and bought food and tchotchkes. After that we went back to the C-Hotel to have Shabbat with Mike Lazar.

On Saturday, we were chilling around the Hotel because it was Shabbat and everything is closed on Shabbat. We started our day we a late sleep waking up at 11:30 with an optional breakfast. Moving on later in the day we went swimming at the pool at the hotel. Leading up to that night we had havdala and dinner which led to a late night at the mall.

Sunday we started our day going on an Archeological dig and finding pottery from 2000 years. After that we went to David Ben-Gurion’s gravesite in Be’er Sheva. Overall this has been a great time in Israel and we will all enjoy our last week together.

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