Israel Journey #4 (Bus B): Shabbat in Haifa

It’s been a very busy first few days in Israel! We started out in Jerusalem and saw the Western Wall. We all wrote notes to put into the cracks. Before the night came to an end, we got a tour around the city by a local graffiti artist on the graffiti of Israel. Next, we made our way to the Caesarea, where we learned all about Augustus Caesar, and had a “pizur” lunch at the aqueducts near the Mediterranean.

Shortly after, we moved into a hostel in Haifa, which had a lovely view over the Mediterranean Sea. We spent Shabbat having a relaxing day at the beach in Haifa. Then, on Sunday, we moved into Gadot and had a tour in the old city of Acre. We also got a tour of the Grottos and got to ride on the worlds steepest cable car- 60°. Lastly, on Monday we harvested squash for the homeless, had a relaxing swim in a natural spring, and finished the day with a tour of a graveyard next to the Sea of Galilee, where many famous Israeli composers and philosophers are buried. Looking forward to many more great experiences!

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