Israel Journey #4 (Bus B): Israeli-Druze Community and Atlit

Thursday we went to visit Arab Israelis in a town called Dir El Asad. We had a conversation with 17 year olds who have been born and raised there and learned how their lifestyles are different and similar to our own.

After this we went on another bus ride to a Druze town called Ussafiya. Here we went to eat a Druze styled lunch and the new food immediately became everyone’s favorite (and some peoples shirts favorite too). After we stuffed ourselves with the unique foods that are eaten solely with our hands we went back in the bus and drove to Atlit where we went into a boat that told the story of illegal immigrants who fought off the British to get to Israel and be free, only to be captured and held as prisoners by the British soldiers waiting for them.

Thursday night we had the BBYO event called B’Yachad, where all the BBYO trips currently in Israel meet up for food, dancing and fun activities. We had an awesome time at the party – stay tuned for an update of our fun evening!

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