Israel Journey #4 (Bus A): The Western Wall and Ben Yehudah Street

Bruchim habaim! Welcome to Israel! We started off Israel journey 4 by arriving at Ben Gurion airport ready to go. We met the co-staff, our tour guide, as well as the rest of Israel 4 who participated in Western Europe Discovery prior to this. We headed straight to the hotel in Jerusalem to freshen up and enjoy our first Israeli dinner together as a new family. We had a few ice breakers to get the group mingling before bed, which is always a good time!

We woke up Thursday morning for a busy day. We spent the day in Jerusalem’s old city doing a scavenger hunt and enjoyed an authentic lunch of street food like falafel and shawarma. We then traveled down to the Kotel, where we were able to reflect a little and leave a note at the wall. It was a really moving experience for all the teens! We then ventured down to the southern wall for a cave excavation where we walked through a pitch black cave with water up to our ankles!

We left the old city for dinner at the hotel and a night out on Ben Yehudah street where the teens had a chance to shop, walk around, and experience some Israeli culture. So far, we have had a great time getting to know one another and explore the holiest city in Israel! Next up, Haifa and the Upper Galilee.

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