Israel Journey #4 (Bus A): Tel Aviv and Sde Boker

We continued our journey Friday for Tel-Aviv where we visited the Rabin center. We learned about the modern history of Israel and the life of Rabin as he effortlessly worked to make peace with his neighbors. It was a great visit! We spent lunch at Carmel market in Central Tel-Aviv to try some local cuisine and spend time shopping for gifts! This market was filled with all sorts of fruits, candies, clothing, and artistry.

Before heading back to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat, we layed out at Jerusalem beach in Tel-Aviv, where we swam in the water and played games. Shabbat was spent at Neve Ilan, right outside Jerusalem. We had a guest, Mark, visit, originally from Las Angeles, who made Aliyah to Israel in ’93, visit us for the weekend. He was a wonderful dynamic guy who played ice breakers and drama games with us for Oneg Shabbat. We loved getting to know him and each other better!

We woke up on Shabbat morning a little more rested with a 10am wake up call! We started the day with a Shabbat program about Jewish identity and where we stand on certain issues as American Jews visiting Israel. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at our accommodation before relaxing for a few hours. Some of us layed by the pool, played cards, games, laid in hammocks, or napped. We came together again for one last Shabbat programming with Mark before dinner and havdalah. We ended our night with an outing to Azrieli mall in Tel Aviv.

Sunday was a day traveling down south! We started our morning at an archaeological site called dig-for-a-day, where we dug up rocks and sifted through dirt to find pottery pieces and bones from 3,000 years ago. It was pretty awesome because whatever pieces we found, we were the first to discover and touch it! We braved our fears and crawled through underground tunnels to end this great morning!


We enjoyed a pizur lunch in Be’er Sheva before we headed to Sde Boker to visit Ben Gurion’s tomb. We then headed to Mitzpe Ramon look out where we observed a large crater in Israel’s Negev. It was a beautiful site! We ended the night at our accommodation , Yahel kibbutz, where we enjoyed a nightly swim at the pool! We look forward to a busy next few days in Eilat, the Bedouin tents, and hiking Masada!
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