Israel Journey #4 (Bus A): Mystical Tzfat and the Foundation of Modern Zionism

Shalom everyone! On Monday we started our day by visiting the mystic city of Tzfat. Tzfat is a very spiritual city, full of people who practice Kabbalah and artists who have their art on display all over the city. We met with one local artist, Avraham Lowenthal, who told us of his story about how he grew up in Michigan, and after reading about Kabbalah became very spiritual and moved to Tzfat to become an artist and to continue to study here in Israel.

Following lunch in Tzfat, we went on a short hike in the Banias and learned about some old Roman architecture. We finished the day with a rafting trip down the Jordan River! The water was a bit more shallow than usual which made for a challenging adventure, but everyone still had a great experience being in the water and moving down the river.

Tuesday we started our day by joining with two other groups in Israel to do a service project by helping pick squash from a farm that will be donated to needy families in Israel. Everyone got to do an act of Tikun Olam, which we discussed the previous day in Tzfat. We then traveled to the Sachne, a natural spring, for a relaxing swim! It was very welcome after working out in the sun that morning.

Following our swim, we went to the Kinneret Cemetery to talk about some of the founders of modern Zionism, and the experiences and challenges they faced when first coming to Israel to build a new society and the modern state. We then returned back to our Kibbutz for a night time talent show! Lots of talents were on display, including singing, dancing, drumming, juggling, and karate moves!

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