Israel Journey #4 (Bus A): Eilat and the Judean Desert

The past few days have been filled with a lot of exciting experiences. We started our Monday bright and early and headed to climb and roll down the Kassui Sand Dunes. Then we embarked to Eilat where we had a busy and eventful afternoon of banana boating, kayaking, paddle boarding and ending with snorkeling through the beautiful Coral Beaches.


Following Eilat, we heading back to our kibbutz where we got to hang out and play games for the rest of the night. On Tuesday, we started our morning with an eco seminar at the Yahel kibbutz that we were staying at. We traveled around the land and learned all about the Israel boarder, peace agreements, the Israeli agriculture system and more!


After our seminar we headed to the pool and then embarked on our way up the Arava Valley to the Judean Desert. Once we arrived, we rode camels through the desert and settled into our Bedouin tents. At the Bedouin tents we were welcomed with tea and coffee, a Bedouin tent dinner feast, and a bonfire under the stars.
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