Israel Journey #4 (Bus A): Coexistence and the Galilee Foundation

Wednesday started with a drive to the Golan Heights and an amazing hike at Nahal Jilaboun river. For lunch we did Pizur at katzrin and had a chance to taste some original humus and shawarma.

After lunch we did a Jeep tour to Mt. Ben Tal and got to hear about the history of that unique area. The kids had a wonderful time blasting music and singing along during the ride. We spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing at the Kinnert (Sea of Galilee) and had a BBQ on the beach. We even got the chance to catch a beautiful sunset while enjoying our BBQ dinner. We finished our day with an awesome Night boat party on the Kinneret where we danced the night away with Israel Journey bus 4B. We finished the night back at Kibotz Gonen to spend the night.

After our final breakfast at the kibbutz on Thursday, we checked out and went to a very interesting Coexistence workshop at Galilee Foundation, on which we learned about the Arab minority in Israel. We had the opportunity to speak to Arab children living in Israel and learn about their story and past struggles.

Our next station was Lunch in the Druze village of Ussafiya where we enjoyed a delicious meal and a fascinating lecture about the Druze community from one of their own. After that we visited a Jewish refugee camp from the Second World War in Atlit, which was a good closer for this enlightening day. It was a tough tour to go on, but we really opened our eyes to the struggles so many Jews went through during that time in history.

Thursday night we went back to Jerusalem for our huge B’Yachad party that included a dance party, henna station, bumper cars, roller coasters, dinner and more! We are all having the time of our lives and can’t wait to spend our second Shabbat together in Tel Aviv.

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