Israel Journey #4 (Bus A): Caesarea, Old Akko, and Rosh Hanikra

The past few days have been filled with amazing opportunities and great experiences in Israel. On Friday July 8, we started by going through the beautiful Galilee and traveling up the Mediterranean coast. Through our traveling we arrived at Ceasarea where we got to watch a movie about the history of Casares, explore the area, and view the beautiful Mediterranean Sea at our side.


Following Cesarea we had a delicious picnic on the beach where the participants enjoyed the warm water and playing games in the sand. After lunch we headed to the Beit Shearim Catacombs where we learned about and explored through the famous tombs of Israel. Finally, we headed to our new hotel where we prepared for Shabbat. We had a great Shabbat service filled with services, games and bonding.

For Saturday, July 9th, we had a very beautiful and relaxing day of Shabbat. We started our day with meaningful Shabbat programs and then walked to the amazing Carmel beach where kids swam in the ocean and played games for hours. After the beach we celebrated havdallah and headed to the mall for a night of fun.

Sunday, July 10th, was a super busy and eventful day! We started at the beautiful Bahai Gardens where we learned about the Bahai religion and got other explore their garden. Following that we went to Old Akko where we watched a movie on the history of the place we would soon explore. Then we traveled through the Akko sea port, Knights hall, Okashi art Museum, and Templar tunnels.


Next we took a cable car down the the edges of the Mediterranean to explore the caves of Rosh Hanikra. We watched a movie about its history and walking through the stunning water filled caves. Before heading to our new hotel, we took one last stop of hiking across Ma’arat Keshet to enjoy the views of all Israel that we had just traveled. Finally we went to our hotel where we got to play lots of fun games and activities together and end the night through quality bonding time.
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