Israel Journey #3: Swimming at Sachne and Haifa

Adventures continue for Israel Journey 3. Tuesday we started off the day with a Leket service project during which our group got to work picking eggplants that would be sent to families in need throughout Israel. The staff was more then impressed and proud of the work our teens did that morning! After that we cooled off with a swim at Sachne, a natural pool of water in northern Israel. The fresh water spring was beautiful and very relaxing! We had a quick stop at the Kinneret cemetery for our daily dose of history and then it was back to our kibutz! Songs, dancing, and ice cream trips to the market made up the rest of our evening.

Wednesday we had an early morning hike at Nahal jilaboun. The hike was a great challenge that we all over came together. To celebrate our successful hike we headed to an olive oil factory for some skin pampering. Some of you may be receiving souvenirs from this stop! We ended the day with a rowdy jeep tour. Everyone put on their seat belts as we learned about the history and tensions with the Syrian border, and everyone got a bit better of an understanding of the military and political situation Israel’s geography places it in.

Thursday we had a little surprise change of plans. We headed to Hafia to visit the Bahia Gardens, a stop we missed earlier in the trip due to timing. It was hands down the most beautiful site we have seen! After, we explored Haifa’s German Colony and enjoyed small cafes and coffee places it has to offer. Lunch had a great view and great food provided by a restaurant in the Druze village of Isfiya, a village situated next to Haifa at the top of Mt. Carmel. We then prepped for home stay weekend and took our friends were they needed to go. We miss them and can’t wait to be a complete group again!

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