Central Europe Discovery #2: Prague Castle, Old Town, and John Lennon Peace Wall

We are done with Prague and can now Czech it off our list!

Two days have flew by and we have finished our experience in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. After meeting at JFK airport, our 14 participants journeyed eight hours to Paris in which we then took a one and a half hour flight to Prague. July 4th we met with our guides and began our days learning about the spectacular city.

To quickly introduce some important people: we first have Dima who is our Israeli guide and will be with our group for the entire trip through Poland! He has led so many trips before in Central Europe and has taught our group so much about the Jewish background needed in order to fully understand these vital days ahead of us.

We sadly had to say goodbye to our local guide, Michaela, who also enriched our knowledge of the different aspects of Prague for the two days we spent together. She was able to tell us much of the history about the city of Prague dating back to the 1400s. She also has connected and set a vital foundation for our journey into Budapest and Poland where we will reach the peak of our remembrance and history of Jewish people during the holocaust.

As a group we spent our first day learning about the city of Prague’s rich history of how it has grown as one of the top most visited cities in the world. With so many tourists around we walked through the Prague Castle, Prague Church and learned about the Golden Pathway. We then enjoyed Prague dishes such as Goulash, Fried Cheese, and Schnitzel. Next, Our group got to make their mark on the city at the famous John Lennon Peace Wall. Every participant had the opportunity to spray paint what they wanted in this wall. After learning more about the history of the city, some famous movies that have been shot around the city, and then some local shopping, we finished our night at the Chabad house for our first dinner.

On July 5th, we spent our morning in the Jewish Quarter visiting six synagogues where three are still active and have been around for many years. Each one had its own story and was known very well by the people who showed up weekly to practice. Each synagogue has played a significant role in how the Jewish people have survived in Prague and added to the unique Jewish culture of the city. After lunch we learned about the Old Town and New Town of the Prague and how there have been significant changes that has brought Prague to one of the highest tourist spots in the world. Our night ended with our group exploring these parts and shopping for mementos to remember the city by.

These past two days have been very exhausting for our group, but we have all been enriched with this amazing city while getting lots of exercise! Our group has become a family and for the staff is has been a joy to watch their worlds change right before their eyes with their experiences so far. We truly cannot wait for what lies ahead!

But don’t take our word for it! Here are some quotes from some of our participants:

“This trip has inspired me to pursue a dream of traveling the world. By seeing a Korean wedding, a beautiful castle, and eating some amazing food. Prague has been a fantastic start of traveling outside of the country for the first time.” – Liz

“Prague has already given me so much that it was great to give something back when I got to write on the John Lennon Wall a quote that means a lot to me.” – Mattie

“To hear just about the numbers of the people who were murdered in the Holocaust is one thing, but to then see a small portion of the Czech names was touching.” – Navit

Every photo I have taken has 1,000 words to describe what the culture of this city has. I have been able to see the city in person, then see another perspective through the photos I take by looking at new angles.” – Adam

“Our walk over the Charles Bridge seemed to be as if we were in a commercial as everyone was happy, river boats gliding through the water, and the people connecting with the statues along the bridge.” – Graham

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