Ambassadors to Bulgaria: The cities of Etara and Tryavna

We have had a great last two days and we are excited for the days ahead. Yesterday we traveled to Etara, a small open air museum gives us a taste of traditional Bulgarian craftsmanship, customs and culture. Our favorite are the tasty pastry and confections! We continued our tour of Bulgarian culture in the city of Tryavna where we met traditional Bulgarian dancers. After their show, we enthusiastically joined them and learned a few Bulgarian folk dances.

We traveled back to our hotel and continued our discussed anti-Semitism in our individual communities and its evolution over the years. As a group we gained clarity over our roles in ridding the world of hate and preserving the resilience of the Jewish people. Later our teen coordinators ran an evening program for the group relating to our earlier conversation and our Jewish value of the day, Vehavta L’Recha Kamocha – Loving Your Neighbor As Yourself. Participants created small neighborhoods and had to resolve issues communally.

The Jewish value today is Arevut – the concept that Jews have an obligation to each other. The true value of this concept was felt at our two service projects that positively impacted their local Jewish communities. Half of the group traveled to Sliven to clean the Jewish cemetery, repaired several headstones and manicured the area around the graves.
In Plovdiv, participants cleaned and decorated the Plovdiv Zion Synagogue in preparation for Shabbat. Tonight we will be welcoming Irit Lillian, Ambassador of the State of Israel to Bulgaria and Eric Rubin, Ambassador of the United States to Bulgaria.
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