Ambassadors to Argentina: Buenos Aires and AMIA Jewish Community Center

As the sun sets and Shabbat started in Argentina, we reflected on our first three days in Buenos Aires. We arrived after an overnight flight to meet our new friends: the Argentine staff and teens. we toured La Boca, the colorful streets of Argentina, and ate great argentine food and desserts.


We are having so much fun as a group bonding and learning about each other. Thursday,  we went to the site of the 1994 bombing at AMIA and learned about the Jewish community of Argentina. We also went to LaDor VaDor, a home for the Jewish elderly of Argentina and we had beautiful conversations with their residents.


Friday we went to a soup kitchen and sorted food to be donated to low income families. Then we went to a day care center and played with young children who lack basic necessities. We are so excited for the next few days in Buenos Aires.
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