Western Europe Discovery #1: Omaha Beach and Versailles

Enjoy this update written by teen participant Anna Weinstein:
Bonjour from Paris, France!  When we arrived in France, we all took a nap on the bus and afterwards we headed to the D-day memorial and museum. It was interesting to learn about World War II and to see the Omaha beach, which we learned was a historical location from D-day.We then drove down to our hotel which had better rooms that the ones that were on the ferry. Following check in we had dinner at our hotel and played charades as our evening activity! During this group activity, we learned even more about each other and how funny and creative each and every one of us is, and we were also able to showcase our own talents and to experience everyone else’s talents!

During our second day in France, we headed to Versailles and got our own personal bodyguard named Marius. We then went to the Eiffel Tower and also found out that it was closed due to strikes and protests. Yet we were right back on schedule after all the confusion and headed to the Jewish quarters in Paris. They had a lot of authentic Jewish food that broadened my horizons.

Afterwards, we headed to the holocaust museum and it was in French with English on the side sometimes. A very interesting aspect about the museum was that it contained only three photographs depicting the actual events that occurred in Auschwitz. After the museum, we headed down towards where dinner was and began shopping.


We didn’t have much time but my friends and I managed to make the most out of it by going to a very famous macaroon place called Ladurée! We then had dinner and headed back to the hotel. When we got to the hotel, we had an activity planned. It was making a skit out of a person, place, and thing. This was really fun since we all had inside jokes which made the game five times better than it could have been if we had just met! The day turned out to be exhilarating and so fun after we toured around the city of Paris.
We look forward to continuing on this wonderful journey and exploring more of France and heading to Belgium before our next update!

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