Stand UP DC #1: Facing Hunger and Homelessness

Greetings from DC! We have had a very busy couple of days. As a staff we have been thoroughly impressed with how engaged our participants have been. We have had 2 1/2 FULL days with service focused in the morning at Martha’s Table, where we worked to make two full dinners for those who need it living in DC.

Our afternoons have consisted of working with other organizations to learn more about the actual people who live in homelessness (Street Sense and ONE DC). Our participants were lucky to hear from two amazing men who have each been homeless at two different times throughout their lives. Through these experiences our entire group has become so close and each one of our participants has opened up to the group in many ways.

We have navigated through the DC metro, seen the sites in Old Town Alexandria, taken a boat down the Potomac River, learned Jewish values of hunger and homelessness through Jewish Text, and we are excited for more to come!

As a staff, we can’t repeat it enough how impressed we are with each participant – everyone is so engaged and eager to participant in all of our programs!

Here are some quotes from our participants so far from their experiences:

Martha’s Table
“I learned how to cut/peel buckets of vegetables and raw chicken for a big stew.” -Barrie

“It was fun and entertaining with all of the other participants.” -Frances

“It was great learning a new skill while cutting sweet potatoes and onions. It felt as if I was on MasterChef.” -Sabrina

“Finally Victor (a veteran volunteer) showed us to put a bucket of water next to us while cutting onions, which relived the pain in my eyes.” -Gabi

“I felt there was a great community in Martha’s Table. It felt really good to be apart of making dinner for people who need food.” -Nicole

Street Sense
“Different perspectives to see from a person who has actually experienced homelessness. This was an interesting experiences that I feel was very informative.” -Avi

“Listening to Ken and Saul speak about their experiences (two men who have each been homeless twice) was moving as I got to hear them speak in person, which allowed me to better relate to them.” -Ben

We are very excited for the next couple of days when we go on a Ghost Tour around the monuments and Shabbat at the Historic 6th and I synagogue!

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