Israel Journey #1: Shabbat Shalom from Israel!

Our first full day in Israel was packed with activities and excitement. After a long string of flights for most of us, we all enjoyed a good night of rest at Caesar hotel in Jerusalem.

Thursday morning we awoke bright and early for breakfast before heading back to Montifiories windmill, a great lookout spot in Jerusalem. From there, we headed to the Old City where we were able to walk around exploring while hearing the history and significance of specific spots from our wonderful tour guide, Eric. We were then able to enjoy some falafel and other delicious foods during a pizur lunch in the Old City.

After lunch, we headed to the Kotel (Western Wall) and got some free time there to reflect and write notes to put in the wall. This was most participants’ first time at the wall (and in Israel in general), so it was very meaningful.

Later, we explored the City of David where we hiked through the underground water tunnels. Last, we saw the southern wall and discussed its more recent discovery.

Finally, we went back to the hotel. After some free time and dinner, Neil Lazarus came to talk to us about the political state of Israel and the conflict in the Middle East. His combination of humor with informative explanation made for a very powerful and gripping seminar. We all laughed a lot, but also gained a deeper understanding of the current state of affairs in the region.

We certainly hit the ground running as soon as we landed in this beautiful country. Today we head up north to enjoy our first Shabbat at Lochmie HaGetatot.

Shabbat shalom to you all. Much love coming to you from us all.

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