We Marched for the Six Million

Thursday was all about connection and Jewish identity – To walk alongside teens, dignitaries, and adults from 42 countries, approximately 10,000 strong, it was truly a reaffirming and prideful moment for all of us.

During the ceremony, we heard stirring and passionate words from Rabbi Meir Lau (former Chief Rabbi of Israel), video messages from Israel’s Prime Mister Benjamin Netanyahu, Pride Minister Justin Trudeau from Canada and U.S Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power.

There were stirring renditions of Jewish songs and watching the six torches lighted by survivors and dignitaries was especially meaningful. One of the most emotional moments was when a survivor entered the stage wearing his prisoner uniform carrying a Torah, sharing his personal story with all of us. The sight of everyone standing and singing Hatikvah will surely be a memory that will live on in all of us.

Hear from the teens:

Curiously, the March didn’t feel like a sad event at all. Being in such a sad place didn’t take away from the celebration of international Jewry or how empowering it was to me. The March of the Living has made me proud to bear the future of the Jewish people.” – Jarrett Freeman, Ohio

“In the Jewish Quarter, in Krakow, I put on tefillin for the first time in my life with an 18 year old boy from Israel. He told me he was going to Rabbinical school in New Jersey next year and he told me that he would see me again. As I was a few hundred yards from the gates of Birkenau, Mordechai (the Israeli boy) spotted me again on the tracks. As I put on the tefillin again, it began to rain. Mordechai and I embraced each other and in this moment, I felt my Judaism the most prominently. I have never been so alive in my entire life and I never knew G-d could exist in a place of such destruction.” – Gabe Adler, Georgia
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