We are having a great time exploring Italy and Slovenia! Here’s what some of our teens have to say about the last couple of days: Slovenia was great! The mountains were really pretty. It was a nice change and a bit colder than Italy. We really liked rafting in the Soca River. The water was [...]

As we continue our trek through the Holy Land, we continue to learn about the land, the people, and the culture.Today was our second day of the sea to sea hike, but the first full day of intense voyaging. We woke up in the wee hours of the morning to an oddly cloudy sky and [...]

Shalom from Trek Israel 2019! Last night after we all joined forces in Israel, we started our journey to a kibbutz. Once we got there the jet lag kicked in, and we were eager to shower/sleep and prepare for the next day! Today we started the day bright and early with a nice wake-up call from the [...]

Wednesday, July 3rd Yesterday we began our morning by volunteering at a Niretzion Place, one of the oldest agriculture farms in Israel. Everyone spent time working together to weed olive trees in order to allow their best harvest. Next, we enjoyed a delicious traditional Israeli lunch outside with a scenic view. Afterwards, we headed to [...]

Shalom Friends and Family, We just wrapped up our first week in Israel, and couldn’t be more excited about what the next two weeks have to offer! Yesterday we started our day bright and early driving to Tzfat, the city of Jewish Mysticism – Kabbalah. We started by meeting the one and only Avraham Loewenthal, [...]

The Ultimate Gift

Each family has long-standing traditions that define their holiday season. Family latke recipes, singing songs, lighting the menorah and of course, sharing presents. But what if we told you that your eight crazy nights of presents – half which probably end up being returned, exchanged or not used – could be replaced with one single [...]