Summer 2019

The first week of Italy discovery has been absolutely incredible! We have toured our way through the beautiful streets of Milan, visited Juliet’s balcony in Verona, floated our way through the water-filled streets of Venice, and rafted down the beautiful rivers of Slovenia. We enjoyed many hours in the Jewish quarter of Venice, celebrating Shabbat [...]

Last Friday featured more of Tel Aviv including the famous Carmel Market and an afternoon on the beach. A few participants were able to connect with other friends they had traveling across Israel which reminded them how unique and special both the Jewish community and Israel truly are. Our second Shabbat in Israel was spent [...]

This week we returned back to the old city of Jerusalem after three and a half weeks of seeing and experiencing the wonders that Israel has to offer. At the very beginning of the trip, we toured the old city and learned about its importance. Walking around those same stone streets with completely different and [...]

After a short sleep in the Bedouin tents under the shining sky of the Negev, we woke up at 4am and went to Masada. We walked up the trail and when we arrived to the top it was amazing. The view was breathtaking, we could see the calm Dead Sea, the mountains of the Negev, [...]

We started off our day at the Hoover dam where we got to see the fascinating architecture and learn about its extensive history.  Then we got back on the bus and heading towards the Las Vegas strip. At the strip, we had six hours of free time for lunch, dinner, and exploring the strip with [...]

We are having a great time exploring Italy and Slovenia! Here’s what some of our teens have to say about the last couple of days:Slovenia was great! The mountains were really pretty. It was a nice change and a bit colder than Italy. We really liked rafting in the Soca River. The water was really [...]

Hello to all families!!!! This week is going to be the BEST week of our life, guaranteed. We already started it off with what I felt was the best day of my life. We started off the morning by snorkeling in the Red Sea. I can not explain to you over an email what this experience [...]

Our itinerary is so jam packed that sometimes it’s hard to remember what we did even yesterday! We started Monday with touring the mystical city of Tzfat – the home of Kabbalah. Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism, which uses mainstream and obscure texts interpreted in unorthodox ways to reveal teachings that are otherwise unknown. We met [...]

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