Summer 2018

Good Morning from Kubu Lodge: Please enjoy updates from teens on our trip! Our third day of service was so amazing. Working alongside many adults and kids from the community, and Eco-Children volunteers, we got so much done! We had the best time playing different sports and hand games with the kids and continuing to [...]

Dear Families and Friends, Our adventure in Costa Rica will be tracked with our personal bus journal. The teens will each take turns submitting journal entries reflecting on our days. Con mucho amor, Trek Costa Rica 2018 7/10/18 It’s Arrival Day!!! The day I’ve been waiting for for MONTHS!!! Yeah, the plane rides weren’t fun, [...]

Dear Families and Friends, We have seen your teens step out of their comfort zones, make new friends and build a strong sense of community these past nine days! We are looking forward to the next few days in LA! We will be in touch after Shabbat when we will be on our way to [...]

Dear Family and Friends, Please enjoy this update from Gabi Lewis, one of the teens on our trip! When’s the last time you tried something new? Before embarking on my journey to Israel, I asked myself this question every day. Luckily, the past two days have provided our group with countless opportunities to step outside [...]

Hello Parents and Friends! Below is an update from Jonah Elman, one of the teens on our trip! Enjoy! As I sit at the campfire during the 3rd and last night of our sea to sea hike, I feel very relieved. These last two and a half days have not been very easy, but the [...]

Hello Friends and Family! Please enjoy updates written by teens on our trip! Goeie More (Good Morning in Afrikaans), We arrived at the amazing eco garden and were greeted by Robert, who works for the organization and was overseeing operations. He, along with the Principal of the local school the garden is based at, gave [...]

Hello Friends and Family! Please enjoy the following update from Haley Johnson, one of the teens on our trip! Hello to all the people reading!! As we sadly finish up the last couple of days here in Chicago, we can all agree that it has been an amazing past week and a half. We spent [...]

Dear Family and Friends, Please enjoy this update from Benjamin Strauss, one of the teens on our trip! Today was another great day. At the end of the day, we had surfing classes. Before that, went to this former refugee camp in Atlit. We learned about how people that wanted to go to Israel after [...]

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