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Dear Friends and Family, This week has taught Journey #1 about the diversity that makes up Israeli society! Here is a reflection from Maya Goldenberg, Israel Journey #1: "These past few days in Israel have been life changing. Both the way in which I view Judaism and the way in which I view Israel have [...]

Dear Friends and Families, Thursday was our first full day. We began with a walk through the Old City of Jerusalem. There, we immersed ourselves within Israeli culture using all of the senses. We heard the shofar blasts, church bells and the Muslim call to prayer. We enjoyed our first tastes of falafel, schwarma, and [...]

Celebrating Israel

Chag Sameach Everyone! We visited the Jewish Quarter today and the refurbished Hurva Synagogue, located at the heart of the Jewish Quarter. It is one of the most beautiful and impressive synagogues in Jerusalem and perhaps in the entire country, housing one of the world’s tallest Holy Ark (which contains the synagogue’s Torah scrolls). Amid [...]

Our first day in Israel…

Hello Everyone! We are staying in the beautiful Jerusalem Hills, and our day began with a panoramic view of the city from Mt. Scopus, learning about the various sites from that lookout position. It was a spectacular view and the teens were able to appreciate the city even more. From there, we made our way [...]

Hello Everyone! We hope that you had a wonderful Shabbat!  I have a lot to share about yesterday and today. Our trip to Majdanek was when the reality of the Holocaust took on a new meaning for all of us. This extermination camp is right in the center of the town of Lublin and it [...]

Hello Everyone!   Today was all about connection and Jewish identity!   To walk alongside teens, dignitaries, and adults from 50 countries, approximately 10,000 strong, it was truly a reaffirming and prideful moment for everyone. As the marchers entered through the famous arch in Birkenau, names were recited of children who perished during the Holocaust. Stirring [...]

Hello Everyone! On Wednesday, we toured the Auschwitz and Birkenau camps, located in the town area of Osweicem, 37 miles west of Krakow. We visited the only original synagogue left in the town and learned that it was 80% Jewish before the Holocaust. We had a special ceremony in the synagogue courtyard with Zeke Bronfman (New York) sharing [...]

Dear Friends and Families, Just a quick note to let you know that the group arrived safely in Poland earlier today. We will continue to share updates with you throughout the program! We are happy to announce that this year, once again, March of the Living will be broadcasting multiple events live and RECORDED to view later, [...]

Time and Place

On November 23rd, 2017, the US calendar is marked as Thanksgiving. While this day has an origin story and many traditions that have accumulated for each family, we often find ourselves asking what are we thankful for. This tradition seems out of place for my family, as it is a day too early. Every Friday [...]

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